chapter V

an unusual journey

This is our virtual world


There are all kinds of mysteries in it. This is our home. He must be safe. One wall connected to another, firmly connected to each other. Massive, thick walls, and the hearth must burn inside.

Why do you think it's green? 

Is that how he was born? Is that the color of his blood when he blushes? Why green? Why not blue or red?

Green is the color of the Earth, of living life.

As, of course, the rot. We decorate our homes green, paint our clothes, live and think green. But if green moss slides on the stone, we quickly remove it. When it grows under our skin, we fight it. And when one day we realize that everything was in vain, we put an end to it, turn it off, stop it.


This is not a joke. Nor a conspiracy.

If one day we decide to eradicate it, the next day it will return, crawling along the edges. While we look for red, green comes. Red is the color of passion, but green is what remains after it. The green remains when the flame fades. When we leave, our tracks will be full of grass covered with moss. The sun will rise and the green will scatter in all its shades. Greenery will overtake swords, coins and weapons.

This is part of the life we ​​lead.


We offer you an unusual trip, after which you will return home changed. We want to see the change in you.

We glad to have you on board

Boldly go mAX UX

Thank you all

captain's space diary - log file 00002 first light speed. Mission - deep and unknown COSMOS. Starship - @kadikom