post scriptum

sanguine + а linea

Sometimes less means more. Much, much more.


At the edge of the world bolts of lightning fills the air. Starship ride to meet fate. Destiny awaits. Our small steps on this path leading back to you.

We are fighters and we burn brighter.


We see new outer spaces, constellations and galaxies. Brand new COSMOS. A mighty and magical new world.

It's time to share.

Imagine a world in which each individual can freely share all human knowledge. We are dedicated to that.

So we move forward.


We can say, paraphrasing Marx, that our history is the history of technological inventions. And that every technological invention brings the solution to a problem. But at the same time, each solution brings a new problem.

And we will survive.


And we grew strong. And we learned how to get along. And so we back from outer space.

To be different is a superpower.


Start. Engine. Ignition. First light speed. Geo location - Varna VAR, Bulgaria BG, Europe EU, planet Earth ⊕, Solar system ☉, Milky Way galaxy, COSMOS, Mars SOL null. 

captain's space diary - archive log file. Back in space and time.One of the most serious losses in battle is losing your head. Don't lose your head. Just turn the page.

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